22 Apr

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, all different times of year. And, like luck to me, it is what you make it. Sometimes a tragic experience can turn into one of the greatest gifts. Or trying to do something nice for someone else backfires and that can be an entirely different lesson.

I had a gift recently that changed my course. And you might laugh, you might stop reading, but it has to be said.

How Beachbody changed my life, even though I’m not an active coach

Have you heard of Beachbody? You’ve probably seen pictures online of girls with bottles raving about some shake and you’ve probably heard of Shaun T and Insanity. That’s all I had heard of. I was working from home and walking or running my dog everyday, but not exactly “active” or “fit”. I was definitely in a rut, physically and emotionally. One gift led to another gift, which led to Helena. A mother of two boys from Hawaii (one of my favorite places). Educated, motivated, fit. And of course, badass. It stirred something in me and I had to get to know her. She had a healthy Facebook business page, she loved working out, she loved figuring out the body in a way nobody else around me would engage in. I found a counterpart in a female I just didn’t think existed. To care about wholeness and well-being on a higher level and be willing to reach out to others to share that positivity and creativity.

I also knew there was some business there. And with my relentless lust for business and knowledge, I dug deeper. Three things happened almost simultaneously as I launched myself into Helen’s world that she invited me into.

  1. I started meditating. SUCCESSFULLY. It was not my first attempt, but having her as an accountability partner changed something. I just GOT IT.
  2. I started working out. On my schedule, consistently, and with immediate results.
  3. I started personal development and reflections. This one was a double edged sword because it shone light on all the things I had been ignoring that I wasn’t happy with. As my eyes opened to my own story and my WHY, I couldn’t keep doing things that made me unhappy. And there were some big things!! Why had I ignored the importance of doing what I wanted to do? To chasing freedom and not working for someone else? Without reflection life can take its course without our say. But we always have a say, period.

I made drastic changes within a few months, and drafted a Happiness Plan, so I never have to feel stuck and cornered again.

So what happened?

I did all my coach training, I was really into it, and the more reflection and personal development I did, I realized there was something greater I needed to do. Something that had been speaking to me for years and now that I was free from being cornered, I could make that happen. I won’t go into detail here because I am still developing this dream and realization. BUT it was Beachbody’s “Decide. Commit. Succeed.” that helped me in my acknowledgement to this point. So I might not be advertising the programs or Shakeology, but I do wonder where I would be had I not been given the gift of Helena and her badass discipline.

They say “Don’t knock something till you’ve tried it”. Since I have food allergies, knowing my body is the most important thing. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for the next. My Beachbody experience left me with an open mind and I learned a lot about hormone regulation, work out motivation and discipline, but mostly about myself. Keep an open mind so you can see gifts when the universe provides them.

Well wrapped gift

Why are my posts not all about development and WordPress and marketing?

I am, like you, your partner, your gardener, a dynamic individual with a million stories and thoughts in my past and my future. I wanted a blog to show some of my personality and struggles and movement, to be the dynamic part of this otherwise static portfolio. And hopefully inspire, comfort, or help someone. These posts are not riddled with keyword-rich phrases because I do enough of that for clients. I am a different kind of developer, with communication and people skills and a desire to use my skills for good. Let’s build a culture together, I can’t wait!

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