16 Dec

I am on the search for something. You probably are, too. Whether it is a job search, a personal discovery, a fitness journey, that little thing or change you can make that makes you happy… I’m kind of looking for all of the above!

When things change, it is often a time of search and discovery, of fitting ourselves back into our comfort zone. Maybe it would be better if we stayed out of that comfort zone, though. I am uncomfortable not having a stable income, or feeling like I’m not working as hard as possible toward something. But the last time I was scared after I quit a job, I headed down a path. Now that path is what I am quitting. The search feels never ending, honestly. But I think that I am having to backtrack because I didn’t ask myself the important questions before the last search. Or maybe that was a fine step, because it was critical to get me to this step. See what I’m saying? There are a million paths to take, is there really a right one? I kind of doubt it.

The saying, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” was the phrase our middle school plastered on its walls, as if 12 and 13 year olds really knew what that phrase meant. For younger me, who was sorely disappointed by “B”s, it meant that the “A” isn’t the destination, it’s the learning process and retention that counts. But do I remember anything that I learned those years off the top of my head? I learned girl friends are a hard code to crack, that boys are confusing but fun, I think we learned about the Middle East in seventh grade as well. Okay…

As I continue my search- for health, for a job that fulfills my curiosity and at the same time I am respected and well compensated, for healthy relationships, for a calm and relaxed mindset- I want to revisit WHY I do things, and choose the paths I do. And then let it go. Because we are moving FORWARD, people. Each and every one of us is moving. I hope your search is fruitful.

Why are my posts not all about development and WordPress and marketing?

I am, like you, your partner, your gardener, a dynamic individual with a million stories and thoughts in my past and my future. I wanted a blog to show some of my personality and struggles and movement, to be the dynamic part of this otherwise static portfolio. And hopefully inspire, comfort, or help someone. These posts are not riddled with keyword-rich phrases because I do enough of that for clients. I am a different kind of developer, with communication and people skills and a desire to use my skills for good. Let’s build a culture together, I can’t wait!

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