6 Nov

Signs and symbolism is a fascinating thing that we humans created. All superstitions aside, they’re fun! Talking about astrology and your sign is entertaining, reading books rich with imagery and symbolism invokes creativity; and humans have been doing this a very long time. So it’s almost tradition.

An old friend recently moved in, and he has a husky. A sweet, goofy beast who looks like a white wolf. I posted this picture, and Nicho, the new roommate, is on the right.


My mentor and friend, Helen, pointed out that he is a good sign. I stopped. I hadn’t really thought about signs in my life for awhile. Years, even. I did some googling and found out that wolves, especially white wolves, will visit you to invoke instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom, and awareness. Really important things! But when I thought about my life and the large transformation I was putting myself through, it made sense. I mean, my new roommate could have brought home a little pug, or a terrier, or a labrador. But NO- he brought a majestic (generally speaking) wolf breed, ultimately reminding me of my quest for freedom and sharpening my instinct.

Culture dictates these signs, but isn’t it kind of beautiful when things can make you stop and reflect? Isn’t that a good enough reason to look for signs?

Why are my posts not all about development and WordPress and marketing?

I am, like you, your partner, your gardener, a dynamic individual with a million stories and thoughts in my past and my future. I wanted a blog to show some of my personality and struggles and movement, to be the dynamic part of this otherwise static portfolio. And hopefully inspire, comfort, or help someone. These posts are not riddled with keyword-rich phrases because I do enough of that for clients. I am a different kind of developer, with communication and people skills and a desire to use my skills for good. Let’s build a culture together, I can’t wait!

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