6 Nov

For the last six weeks, I have meditated everyday. It started as a 21 day challenge, but I have known the benefits of meditation and wanted to incorporate it into my daily life and get good at it for the long haul.

I started meditation with something called “Sourcing”. It opens you up and is very vulnerable. It also connects you to a Universal source of energy and healing. Kinda tacky, right? Well, the cool thing about meditation is you make it your own. I meditate at my home office desk, and visualize what I want incorporating different methods I have researched. It’s one of my favorite things about my morning routine I’ve constructed. Especially for beginners, I love this Chalene Johnson Podcast, Meditation for People Who Don’t Get It But Really Need It. It’s really as easy as 5 minutes, twice a day.

Besides reducing stress, and sitting there and trying to clear your mind, think about the word- “meditate”. Meditating on things help us reach a deep understanding. When I meditate on my future, I can picture the things I want. When I meditate on my family, I think of how I can give back the support and love they have given me. Meditating helps humans return to our instincts and calm the clutter and perceptions.

What’s your favorite method? What helped you get in the habit of meditating?

Why are my posts not all about development and WordPress and marketing?

I am, like you, your partner, your gardener, a dynamic individual with a million stories and thoughts in my past and my future. I wanted a blog to show some of my personality and struggles and movement, to be the dynamic part of this otherwise static portfolio. And hopefully inspire, comfort, or help someone. These posts are not riddled with keyword-rich phrases because I do enough of that for clients. I am a different kind of developer, with communication and people skills and a desire to use my skills for good. Let’s build a culture together, I can’t wait!

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